Human Interference in AI & Vice-Versa

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

It is already discussed multiple times on how AI can take over human jobs. Everyone knows that it poses a very big threat to the humanity. However, along with this conception, there is one more fact that AI is nothing without human interference. So, let us discuss on how humans can control the ever evolving AI?

  • Humans are the source creation of AI, so we should always maintain its access code.
  • Unlike humans, AI can never evolve itself on its own because it is not connected to nature. So, humans should increase the intensity of its connection with natural substances, greenery, environment and healthy lifestyle.
  • Just like the homosapiens learned the way and survived the attack of poisonous animals, we have a “not that much strong” attack to face. So, we can keep ourselves prepared by updating our knowledge and acquiring new skills.
  • Artificial Intelligence, which is in use for a long time now, is for the benefit of humanity as a whole. So, this prejudice that it is for our disadvantage should be broken. As much as the latter can learn from us, we can also learn from it. The computers have taught us easy ways to do things. In the same way, we can learn new languages, facial expressions and technology from AI.
  • The more we become dependent on AI, the more dangerous it would become. Hence, we have to stay confident on our work and use latter for our own growth.

So much is said and discussed on this topic, however mostly negative opinions are highlighted. Hence, we should focus more on bright side and make it useful for us, rather than becoming its slave.


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