Human Awareness and Its Intricacies

Human Awareness
Human Awareness

It is the existential topic but is often ignored. There are many aspects to “Human Awareness”. We will discuss them all one by one:

  • Self-Awareness: First of all a human should strive to connect with his/her inner self. Meditation on daily basis is the key. Many times, we are unaware of our own fears, likes and dislikes. Hence, it is must everyone to observe their own thoughts and know themselves and their hidden capabilities.
  • Perceiving the Environment: Family is the foremost in the environment with whom we connect on daily basis. Then the connection with friends has importance. So, how we perceive the relations in the existing situations/circumstances really matters. If there is string self-awareness, then you would be in better position to take decisions.
  • Prejudices: Due to varied experiences of life, one may form prejudices. One such example is that one should not wear black or white color on particular days. So, you should not exactly what such perceptions are stopping your progress.
  • Breaking through the prejudices: This is the hardest step of awareness. Prejudices are most difficult to break. It is so because the more we think about the negative effects, the more negativity takes place. This gives strength to existing perceptions. So, one can break free only if one recognizes that this particular thing is a prejudice in their mind and it is not a reality.
  • Formation of positive perspective: Mindfulness practices combined with daily physical exercise and balanced diet would lead to releasing positive hormones in body. Channelizing your energy towards positive acts for family and society as a whole is the key here. However, this is possible only if one can break through the prejudices.
  • Goal Setting: It is said that a person without goal only dreams of dying. However, the question is not only about setting a goal as per the environment but the goal which suits your inner self. For example- for one women, setting up her business may be the goal while for the other women, raising her children right is the first goal. It is a subjective matter.
  • Continuous Improvement: No one can achieve anything great if he/she is not working towards self-improvement. Achievement itself is a period of time, not a point of time concept. Yes, a person’s weaknesses keep changing with changing situations. So, continuous work on their removal is the clue to attain this stage.
  • Staying in the Present: After one conquers all the above stages, one can reach a point wherein living in present moment becomes cakewalk. This is the highest attainment in meditation practices as well. Therefore, one can aspire to reach this stage of awareness. In this stage, one knows that everything is temporary so each moment that passes matters.



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