Corporate Policies: do they worth organizations?

Making Corporate Policies
Making Corporate Policies

When we start any job or task, chances of success are great when we prepare a blueprint and set a do’s and don’ts list.

Both these help us in a well beginning, and when one has a task in hand who have started well, and a blueprint to act and move forward is there to guide him further, then it acts like a treasure map.

In the same line when a company or a business entity comes into existence, it precedes some ideology with a vision and mission and few concrete documents to set the mission up.

After getting incorporated to become operational, it needs a blueprint in the form of code of conducts and policies for various levels of the organization.

Let’s discuss what are those policies could be:

1.Vision mission document:

These are the substratum of any organization, these provide base and an ideology of the company which each and every one will have to follow since very beginning of the job.

They reflect the mission of the company and vision to achieve it and these act as guiding value for the organization.

2. Director’s manual

 These consists of dos and don’ts by the side of the Directors, the policy makers of the organization. The restriction put on the policymakers are proved to be good most of the time, but it should not restrict efficiency, effectiveness and creativity. There should be mentioned the role and function of every director and code of conducts for them.

3. Employees code of Conduct

 This document brings uniformity in the organization and tackles the cultural issues in a very nascent stage. This is like a constitution, a rule book for the employees which guide them to act and behave in the organization. This lets them know the corporate culture of the organization and sets a pattern in their behavior.

They can use this code of conduct as their guidebook as well.

4. Several more policies

 There could be more policies depending upon the organization and its size and working style, which an entrepreneur must explore in the very beginning of the incorporation stage of any start up or company.

These policies are of very much worth if identified well, drafted well, understood well and implements well.

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Anupam Jaiswal is a Certified professional, corporate trainer, motivational speaker and a business coach. He is the founder of Multiple ventures including AJ Leadership academy and Shrie Campus LLP. Anupam is having 20+ years of a rich experience of working with corporate, institutions and government bodies. He also acted as a CS and compliance office in a Mumbai based listed company and headed ICSI, Lucknow chapter as secretary and chairman. and now in whole time practice, and consultants to corporate including Success My Business.


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