Carbon Footprint

Why do we measure carbon footprint only through the effects of carbon dioxide? Let us discuss.

A very common term “Carbon Footprint” has wide and devastating effects. Its most prevalent effect if rise in global temperature (global warming).  It is said that United States of America has the highest carbon footprint amongst all countries. So, let us analyze what this term is all about?

  1. There are gases like methane, nitrous oxide and chlorofluorocarbons are released when we use non-renewable sources of energy. However, its effect is measured only in terms of carbon dioxide.
  2. This is so because CO2 actually performs a very dangerous function. It traps the heat produced by earth and sun in earth’s atmosphere. So, a thick layer of this gas in the air means the heat is not getting released outside leading to rising temperatures. Of course, which eventually leads to melting of ice bergs, floods, earthquakes and high bursting of volcanoes.
  3. A study by The National Renewable Energy Laboratory
    (U.S. Department) has found that “generating 35% of electricity using wind and solar in the western U.S. would reduce CO2 emissions by 25-45%”.
  4. Indian government is also promoting solar energy in a very effective way. They are giving very high subsidies on installation of rooftop solar panels.
  5. It is commendable that Lombard Hospital has also launched a project to reduce the footprint. Alongside the same, new ways have been introduced to recycle the steel. Even top 100 companies have to make disclosures about carbon emissions.

By looking at the tiny steps taken by all nations, we can now hope to live in a safe and sustainable environment in near future.

Bhavya Taneja
Bhavya Taneja
Bhavya Taneja is a Practicing Company Secretary, speaker on various academic and non-academic topics and a writer. She has an experience of 8 years as a professional and 5 years as a faculty of Economics. She has authored a book of quotes called 'Crisp Talkings' and is actively involved in social welfare activities as well.

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