Burst the stress

Burst the Stress
Burst the Stress

In today’s technically advanced world we are scaling new heights in all the sphere of life , but due to these advancement a pressure has been created on us to keep ourselves abreast with these changes . This pressure has given rise to stress which is a natural response of the body but this stress affects our mind and bodies. Our body has a mechanism to handle stress which is called fight – or – flight responses here a certain hormones are released to control stress but if the level of these harmones increases it effects our body system.

Stress are mainly of two types

  • 1) Acute stress — Here the duration of the stress are short term , it is mainly due to specific events like taking an exam or facing interview.
  • 2) Chronic stress — this type of stress is a long term stress which is harmful for our body and mind like work pressure relationship issues family issues financial issues. This stress can effect the internal balance of the body.

Stress can be physical or emotional.

  • 1) Physical stress — can be seen in form of fatigue , headaches, stomach ache , high or low blood pressure, heart diseases.
  • 2) Emotional stress — can be experienced as feeling of anger, sadness , anxiety, depression , suicidal tendencies and low esteem.

How to manage stress

  • 1) Time Management — Prioritize your work according to there importance this will help you a lot to manage stress in the long run and take out time for everything you want to do.
  • 2) Exercise — doing regular exercise yoga or walking can relax your body and improve the blood circulation in your body.
  • 3) Relaxation — when you are tensed you can practice meditation take deep breath, calm your mind , listen to music , talk to friends and family.
  • 4) Healthy Habits — eating healthy and nutritious food , taking proper sleep , avoiding alcohol and caffeine can help in bursting stress.
  • 5) Professional support —- if stress is affecting your personal and professional life, seek the guidance of a professional therapist or counselor.

Therefore when you are stressed and the situation is out of control take a deep breath and calm your mind remember you are not the only one, everybody is dealing with stress at their own level and it is normal for every human being. You cannot prevent stress but you can reduce its impact by using stress management techniques and staying calm.



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