Boardroom Yogi: How first-time director should behave in boardrooms

Nikhil has been inducted recently as an additional director in the board, earlier he was serving as a chief strategic consultant in the company and was handling the months back planned expansion in abroad.

He is nervous as he has to join the boardroom with the other directors, though he was aware of the boardroom and its supremacy in the company but he never got a chance to enter it.

Its for the first time for him to not only enter to board room but sitting with the directors of the company.

He reached first for the meeting and the whole boardroom was empty.

He was unable to decide on which chair to sit, door opened and entered Kabeer, one of the senior directors of the company, very much known for his quick and good decision making.

“Hi Nikhil, good morning, please have a seat, hey man sit anywhere you are comfortable sitting”,

Said Kabeer.

Thanks, Nikhil sat the chair next to him.

Congratulations! Now you can help in the decision making directly” said Kabeer.

But I believe that I have to learn a lot from the rest of the  Board members, how to be contributive in conversations, how to behave, how to respond, how to express consent or dissent?

I am worried. Said Nikhil

Oh! That’s your cause of worry, let me solve your problem, said Kabeer and he came to the chair in front of Nikhil, leaning towards him,

Listen! just become a yogi while in boardroom,

Become 100% unbiased in your thoughts,

Pay full attentions to the discussions,

Provide inputs when asked or you feel you should,

Be ready with supporting documents,

Be ready with your version on the subject matter

Keep stakeholders in view rather keeping shareholders only

Make your mind to consent or dissent in the boardroom and express it when time warrants.

Kabeer wanted to say more, but rest of board members have started entering the boardroom,

Thanks Sir, Nikhil said, I have to learn a lot from you, will you be my Mentor?

Off course yes, Kabeer replied

Door closed, meeting started

Anupam Jaiswal
Anupam Jaiswal
Anupam Jaiswal is a Certified professional, corporate trainer, motivational speaker and a business coach. He is the founder of Multiple ventures including AJ Leadership academy and Shrie Campus LLP. Anupam is having 20+ years of a rich experience of working with corporate, institutions and government bodies. He also acted as a CS and compliance office in a Mumbai based listed company and headed ICSI, Lucknow chapter as secretary and chairman. and now in whole time practice, and consultants to corporate including Success My Business.

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